Each of our trainers and consultants has over twenty years’ experience as a practitioner working at the heart of Westminster, Whitehall or in international institutions such as the European Union.

We believe that sharing our knowledge of how these institutions, and their policy makers and public administrators work. And helping those outside of the institutions to understand when and how best to engage with them will make for better decisions, better policy and better law.

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We provide training and consultancy in engaging with politicians and policy makers in Government, Parliament, EU and understanding how these and other international institutions work.
Our work is specifically tailored to the exacting needs of our clients. Some recent commissions include:

Second Annual Arm’s Length Bodies and Partnering Departments Symposium: Adapting to today’s new challenges

Tuesday 27 November 2018 30 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1AG. Our second annual symposium builds on last years theme…

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Arm’s-Length Bodies: New Workshops

The Trainer   We are pleased that Rob Wall, former Head of Public Bodies and Public Appointments at…

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Select Committee Preparation

Few people or organisations understand how to engage effectively with parliamentary select committees. Often their only experience is…

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Tailored Training (at organisational level)

Our tutors and consultants have significant expertise in designing and delivering training at organisational level to the private,…

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